Gifting Options for Your Mobile Addict Boyfriend

Smartphones now account for around 15% of the total mobile subscriptions in India and 11% of the Indian population are on smartphones as of 2015. Cell phones have become an integral part of our life and mobile addicts and tech inspired people abound across the country today. If technology and gadgets excite your close friends, family members or boyfriend, there could be so much to choose from online as the perfect gifting option for them.

Mobile Accessories Online

If you know someone who is a smartphone addict and you are short listing gifting options for them, then you must know that you wouldn’t be disappointed. Here is a list of mobile accessories online that could be a great gifting option for a mobile savvy person.

1. Headset – A headset typically comes with a mobile phone but it would be a great gifting option if the concerned person loves music. Good quality sound is something we all crave for while listening to music or even watching videos. There are two types of headsets, earbud and boom. Eardbud headsets fit comfortably in your ears and have in-line microphones. Boom headsets, on the other hand, typically wrap around the ear and have a microphone built into the earpiece. They are much studier than the earbud variety and can even block out external sounds. There is also a third type of headset, the wireless Bluetooth headset. This works on the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the headset.

2. Power Banks – Power banks help keep your phone charged on the go. Smartphones today are being used for much more than just calling and texting, which eventually consumes the battery very fast. Also, you might not necessarily get to plug in your charger during a time of need to recharge your battery. That is where a power bank comes to your rescue. It is one of those mobile accessories online that can singlehandedly replace the numerous chargers you carry, such as a car charger, a USB cable and more. Make sure to choose a power bank that has double the power of the battery. For example, if your phone has a battery of 1100 mAh, it is advisable to buy a power bank of 2500 mAh. This will let you charge your phone battery twice by charging the power bank just once.

3. Screen Magnifier with Built-in Speakers – A smartphone screen magnifier is a dream come true for every movie fanatic. It lets you attach your smartphone to the screen magnifier to view the movies and videos from on your phone memory on a larger screen. The screen magnifier comes with built-in speakers that give you a mini home theatre feel.

4. Bluetooth Speaker – This is one of those mobile accessories online that is a must have for every music lover. This can covert your phone into a juke box in no time. Organise a party or dance alone to your favourite tunes, with loud, high-quality sound via a Bluetooth speaker. All you have to do is pair the speaker with your cell phone via Bluetooth.

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