Ram Chary Everi As An Amateur Photographer And His Varied Learning Experiences

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Photography is an art and not everyone can acquire the same the way it should be. In this era of digitalization, even the mobile phones have started coming with the best of the cameras which can capture splendid pictures with high quality resolution. Thus, clicking pictures becomes an awesome feature and followed by many barring any age limits or previous experience in the field. It is quintessential for the photographer to make an understanding of the subject that he/she wants to capture under the lens of the camera. And in turn the subject must know how to give the best poses and make the picture being clicked an awesome piece of art. Also with regards to the same, the photographer must possess the complete knowledge about the various angles that the camera should focus upon and accordingly use the same to click some awesome pictures.

Ram Chary Everi is a multi-talented person with his hands in the field of photography, graphics, fishing as well as graphic designing. He is an amateur photographer who has been in the field for some time and has gained on the job work experience. He is in fact willing to take up all kinds of projects that offer him the opportunity to enhance his knowledge and skills related to photography. When he is through with too much work and then he makes it a point to refresh his mind and recharge the same by fishing for the tuna fish. So one can very well say that he is a multifaceted personality, admired and looked upon by many because of the different skills that he possesses.

Amateur photographers like him do not get the first hand opportunity to shoot the celebrities and famous personalities in the world and make the most of their shooting experience. They are always on the lookout for faces which can make history in the passing years and just need to pose in the natural way so that the photographer can click some of the most natural pictures without the subject getting conscious of the same.

There can be a case where in both the photographer as well as the subjects being talked about are new to the field of photography. In such cases, the photographer tends to learn clicking the best of the pictures while on the job and makes it sure that he/she can accordingly guide the subject to give the best of the poses. In fact, in some of the cases the subject can go through the previous clicks by the photographer itself or some other old magazines to have an idea about the poses that are required of him/her for the photo shoot to be famous and known in the industry.

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mateur photographers like Ram Chary Everi make it a point that their subject should look good before the pictures are being clicked. For this to happen, they should keep the camera at the right angles and focus on what is desired and not what all is visible. At the end, it is the photographer who decides which pictures are finalized and for what reasons.

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