Making For a Great Honeymoon Experience

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Honeymoon, the word itself is enough to make anyone dream of romantic locations and couples swooning over each other. So, why not travel to a place where these dreams meet reality? Come let’s take you to some of the most alluring places on Earth where you can plan your beautiful days with your beloved…


For people who are turning pages of thick travel magazines for one of the most unique honeymoon location, Jukkasjarvi in Sweden could be the one for you. Located at a distance of about 200 kilometres north of the Arctic circle, The Ice Hotel is both unusual and astounding. It is constructed with ice and snow year after year in winters and is lit up by northern lights which would leave any couple spellbound. The honeymoon packages available here can be customised according to one’s preference.


If you both love adventure, gear up for one of India’s most dangerous roads, Jalori Pass or take up a Himalayan roadtrip together. For one, it would give you both an experience of a lifetime and two, it’ll help you both map each other’s mind on the difficult terrains of life. If you’ve ever dreamt of a German fairy tale with gingerbread houses and medieval castles, visit Heidelberg for your honeymoon. Spend your entire day in tranquillity and peace, relaxing by the river side or just cuddling together on a hammock on a bright sunny day. Try a variety of cuisines, visit traditional breweries, meet different people on the way and click a lot of pictures to make the journey more memorable.


Though most people would prefer Venice over any other romantic place on the planet, but the Burgh Island is surely worth a shot. Set far away from the mainland and linked with a picturesque causeway, the art deco hotel offers breathtaking views of the sea and the tidal waves. The period furnishing, old fashioned glamour and warmest hospitality takes you back in time. Pack your swimsuits as well as your gladrags for the rock pool and the dinner dances. You can also take up a cruise to the Caribbean or spend your time on a weeklong voyage.

Couples who love candle-light dinners, soaking up in the scenery and walking barefoot in the sand must visit Bali. One of the most prominent honeymoon location in the world, it is renowned for its high-end resorts, enchanting tourist spots and rows of lush green rice fields. Foodie-couples can fuel themselves in Singapore and relish their unique platter or head straight to Mexico for their rich, steamy sauces. The Spanish cuisine is also a great option to explore for the newlyweds.


For an ultimate castaway experience, travel to Tahiti, French Polynesia. The crystal clear water, tiny islands and quaint beaches are perfect to spark the fire of romance. The endless ocean views in the day and the stargazing at night, while sitting in one of the overwater bungalows is painted as a classic, ideal landscape for two.

In case you have already been on one, keep adding these places to your post-wedding-trip list and enjoy a great time with your spouse all throughout your life! Bon Voyage!

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