Is Homework Killing Your Child’s Best Years?

Gone are the days when children used to play in fields for their entertainment. As technology evolved, instead of getting that load off, the bags became bigger and the homework became stressful. Students need more self-time to develop their brain, instead of loading them with homework and assignments since childhood. It is advisable to seek how learning can be made creative and interesting for the child. In a day there are 24 hours and when we divide these hours on the basis of how a child spends his day then the breakage is awful. He doesn’t get enough time for himself as most of the time is eaten by his homework. For young kids we still can understand the importance of homework but what about the kindergarteners?

Remember, after school hours, the kid should be exposed to play fields, family time, storytelling, building connections, staying happy, and exploring new things on his own. Following are the things that make a child ready for the real world if we let him do these at a very early age:

  • The Reading Time:

How critical is reading for a young mind has been backed by various studies from discrete sources. While having the burden of completing the homework on time, the child does not get enough time to read what he likes and therefore, as he grows up, he does not inculcate the habit of reading which makes him dull, less-confident, and miserable.

  • Having Meaningful Conversations:

We all know, nowadays, parents do not have enough time for their kids and most of the conversations that we happen to do with our kids are full of rage or negative thoughts. These kinds of talk do not only make the child stressful but also makes him lazy and full of anger too. Sometimes, we as parents, constantly nag our kids with homework stress. Instead of following this method, we need to try another positive approach; conversation. While communicating with the child and asking him about his day with an active mind, will help him pick new words and he will engage with the parents more often. Christian education around the globe still focuses on extra-curricular activities to help a child become an all-rounder.

  • Chasing The Hobby:

As children, we all wanted to become and do something extraordinary. However, as we grew we forgot the love we carried in our heart for learning the guitar or salsa dance, singing etc. according to a study, a child who learns to play an instrument performs better than the others who do not learn any instrument as his brain is wired in such a way. Constant playing and learning new things are the only stuff which makes a child more energetic and proactive.

  • Taking Enough Sleep:

Sleeping disorder is most commonly seen in kids nowadays which leads to impulsive nature, poor concentration, obesity, and stress. According to a research conducted by National Sleep Foundation, 20-30% of children are not taking enough sleep. Another study stated that if we allow our children to sleep for extra 20 minutes in the bed then their grades in the class start to improve.

Are you one of those parents who just focus on the homework of your child? If yes, think it over now!

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