Car Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Car at Home

Maintaining a car can be a costly affair. However, it is important to get your car serviced at regular intervals to keep it in a moving condition. People who do not get their cars serviced timely, end up spending more when the car parts get damaged due to negligence.

To solve this problem, we have car maintenance tips that can easily be followed at home helping you save the bucks that would otherwise be spent on car servicing.

There are many car parts, which have to be changed after a certain time period like Air filters. The average life of an air filter is 10-12 months. So, once your air filter has completed its life-cycle, you can easily replace the old one with the new one by yourself. You can refer your owner’s manual for the extra help.

Car Maintenance

In addition, to increase the lifecycle of your air filter, you can clean it regularly with compressed air. The compressed air clears out the debris from the filter.

Other things that would need a replacement are spark plugs, windshield wipers, etc. These can easily be replaced at home for which you otherwise spend a lot of money in car servicing.

  • Oil change: If experts are to be believed, then oil should be changed after every 3000 miles. You can save a lot of money by doing this task by yourself. However, one must be careful that the car engine is cooled down before starting the process.
  • Battery cleanup: The water level in the battery should be adequate and one should ensure that distilled water is being used in it. Often, deposits tend to accumulate near the terminals of the battery. One must clean them regularly to ensure the battery is in a healthy state.

While cleaning the battery, one must be careful as batteries contain sulphuric acid, which if not handled carefully can cause severe burns.

  • Batter charging: Often, we send out our cars for car maintenance services when we see the battery is low. However, we can recharge the batteries at our home easily and save money. All you need to do is recharge your car battery with a trickle charger. The time required for a battery to get charged is 8-10 hours.
  • Removing the scratches: Dents and scratches are a part of driving. However, one can easily work on these scratches at home. If the scratches on your car are superficial then a scratch remover can be of a great help. From low to medium level scratches, touchups can be done at home. However, for severe dents, one needs professional help and care.
  • Car cleaning: We often rely on experts for basic things like car cleaning. The process of car cleaning can be done at home effortlessly. You need basic cleaning tools like sponge, brush, cleaning gels, etc. all these products do not cost much as compared to the amount you pay for a single car cleaning session and you can use them for multiple washing and cleaning.
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With the above basic car maintenance tips and tricks, you can save a lot of money. However, what is important is to realize when you need professional help and advice. However, one cannot correct all the faults at home and at times delaying the issue can cost you more. So, before starting with the above mentioned tips, be clear if the issue can be tackled at home or needs an expert advice. Simple maintenance can increase the lifecycle of all the products. However, head to a mechanic in case you find any difficulty.

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