Best Places to Hunt Deer in Michigan

In Michigan, over a half-a-million people hunt deer every year. The Great Lakes State is known for hunting all types of prey, from quail to whitetail. In Michigan, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is responsible for overseeing hunting affairs. Their website is an excellent source for hunting license info, regulations, and general knowledge about hunting in the state.

There are a host of areas to hunt deer throughout the state, but there are some counties that are better known for deer hunting than others. Here we will focus on the top 9 counties—in alphabetical order—to hunt for deer in the state of Michigan.

  1. Calhoun

Calhoun County is not as well known for deer hunting as some of the other counties on our list, but it is, however, well known to the residents of Calhoun that there are is a significant population of big bucks in the county. A downside to hunting in this county is that public hunting land is limited.

  1. Delta

Delta County is an Upper Peninsula County that has a relatively small population of people, yet the deer population is booming.  Delta is known for big buck hunting in Michigan. Not many counties can come close to documenting as many qualifying bucks than Delta.

  1. Grand Traverse

As one of the best locations to hunt deer in the lower Northern area of Michigan, Grand Traverse County is a fabulous location to hunt deer. In fact, the archery record was held by a resident here for years.

  1. Iron

Also located in the Upper Peninsula, Iron County is the perfect place to bag that big buck. The abundance of public land in Iron County makes it an ideal location for deer hunting.  

  1. Jackson

By far, Jackson County is the best-known place to hunt for those massive bucks. It is never a surprise when you hear of a hunter bagging a big buck in Jackson County. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of public areas in Jackson. If you’re able to gain access to private land, it may be beneficial.

  1. Livingston

Livingston County is also known for the big game in the area. Deer hunters in this area are able to enjoy the access to a sufficient amount of public lands in Livingston County.

  1. Marquette

Marquette County is an excellent location to hunt deer. This county is the only Upper Peninsula County that is able to compete with the number of qualifying bucks presented by Delta County.

  1. Washtenaw

There have been more Boone, and Crocket classified bucks in the county of Washtenaw than any other county in the state of Michigan. While the population of people is high and the public land is limited, the track record of this area cannot be denied.


Aside from having an enjoyable time, safety and minding the state regulations regarding hunting. Make sure you are adhering to the specified Michigan hunting seasons. Michigan is very specific about the dates, game, and arms used to hunt. Now that you know where the best deer hunting in the state of Michigan is, you can plan your next deer hunt with confidence.

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