Advent of Modern Flame Electric Fireplace In 2020

Electric fireplace mimics conventional fire places burning coal, wood or gas. It creates heat with a led screen showing the slow burning of fuel with dancing flames. It gives the cosy comfort of a fireplace without the hassle of cutting and burning of logs and cleaning after and changing of propane tanks in case of gas fire place.

The modern flame electric fireplaces are simple and safe to operate; there is no worries of pollution or risk of fire hazard. Even you don’t always need an expert to install the fireplace as it is a plug and play gadget. However, always you can make a special place to display the flame fireplace, which will supply your warmth and will enhance the room décor aesthetically.

How an electric fireplace works and their types:

  • The modern flame electric fireplace basically has metal coils which heats up and there is a fan which blows the hot air inside the room. It mostly works like a convection oven. Many designs are available like one to be installed in the floor and can be mounted on walls with led screen always showing logs or coals burning.
  • There is another kind of electric fireplace with infrared technology. Instead of metal coils and fans, infrared technology is used to heat up the room. The realistic flames are made with flickering LED bulbs with a reflector behind; it creates an illusion of dancing flames.

Advantages of electric flame fireplace:

  • Low operating cost:

As the fireplace runs on electricity there is no need of burning of fuel like logs, coals or gas as these things do not come cheap. Moreover, if you do not a have a fireplace and suddenly you plan to get one it is hard to build conventional one in old settings as it requires tearing up walls and roof for chimneys. But with electric fireplace, you can simply put on any place.

  • Easy Install:

As the fireplace comes as standalone unit you don’t really need to build a separate fireplace to install it unless you want to, otherwise you can simply put somewhere stable where it looks fine and plug it on. There are also models available with wall installation option where you simply need to screw two hangers from where you can install the gadget. You can install it by yourself and save installation cost easily. .

  • Less mess:

Conventional fireplaces burns wood to create heat leaves a hell lot of mess to clean after in the morning. It not only makes the clothes dirty:  a flying ash can be disastrous if inhaled accidentally & very bad for dust allergy. Even with gas fireplace sometimes people around may face respiratory discomfort.

  • Safer:

This is probably the unique selling point of modern flame electric fireplace; it is way safer than conventional fire palaces. Electric fireplace does not emit harmful and hazardous gases after burning like the conventional ones. There is no risk of fumes or smoke as well as it has no risk of maintaining open fire in the room. if you have pet and babies, an electric fireplace is a safer option Electric fireplace may catch fire however with safety circuit breakers added to the line, you can ensure safety completely with an electric Fireplace.

Although there are few disadvantages like of power bill or it may not work in isolated areas, or its activity under the power supply fault, etc. the advantages of a modern flame electric fireplace overcome the disadvantages. Here aesthetics gets combined with functionality, and it is an environment friendly option where beauty and utility of the gadget nobody can ignore.

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