7 Tips Every Content Marketer Should Know Of

Content marketing plays a big role in the overall online marketing strategies of any business. One reason why it has become popular is its effectiveness. In fact, content marketing provides one of the cheapest and easiest ways to collect leads that can be converted into sales. However, the intense competition on the internet has meant that content marketing gets tougher for many people. Below, we look at seven simple tips that every content marketer must know about.

  1. Repurpose Content

Producing good quality content is a tough job. In fact, out of the several hundred articles you might write, only a few will have the special quality that attracts tons of visitors and gets popular. And provided that these articles have been successful in the past, why not use them again? Many businesses have found that they can get more traffic by repurposing content that they have used in the past. For example, you can convert your webinars into guides so that people who do not like viewing informative content as videos have an option to read it. Another way will be to create an informative article from an interview you conducted in the past.

  1. Additional Resources

When people read an article, it is natural that they will look for more information on that topic. As such, why not provide the necessary additional resources yourselves? Just add a list of resources after the article so that interested people can click the link and gain more information about the topic. This prevents the customer from exiting your webpage. And if the sources you provide are from your own website, you can expect them to spend some good deal of time on the site, thereby giving a boost to your SEO.

  1. Keywords

When using keywords in the content, make sure that they are integrated properly without feeling too forced. You should also respect keyword density limits and avoid overstuffing the article with too many keywords. Neglecting to do so is a surefire way to make the site appear ‘spammy’ to the search engines and make them avoid you. Plus, be sure to consider long tail keywords rather than solely focusing on the regular niche keywords.

  1. Content Exclusivity

Try to publish as much exclusive content as possible. If your website does publish content which is only available through it and nowhere else, you will eventually get more traffic. A good way to create exclusive content is by publishing interviews with the important people in your niche. For example, if your website deals with cancer, you should arrange for interviews with doctors who have good experience with treating cancer. And since the interview will only be available through your website, you can be pretty sure about seeing a jump in traffic. Talk with the experts at BearFoxMarketing.com to know how exclusive content can be developed for your website.

  1. Use Data

Make sure that you use some data in the content. This usually makes content seem more real and will get the message across far more easily. For example, you may be creating an article detailing the importance of a great image in Facebook posts. Now, instead of just writing that adding an image will get people more Facebook likes, mention that X% of posts see a Y% increase in their traffic when adding a good image. By adding such a statistic, you provide validity to your statement that instantly makes your article very interesting to the reader.

  1. Provide Clear Answers

When creating any piece of content, always ensure that it provides answers to some questions the reader will have in mind. For example, suppose that you have to write something related to sage investment options. Ensure that the content lists down information about very secure and profitable investment opportunities together with details on how to invest in them and the contact info of any organization offering such an opportunity. This will make the content much more useful for the reader, ensuring that they will visit the site again and again.

  1. Content Remarketing

You should also try using content remarketing strategies. What this essentially means is that you must market your content to people who have already visited your website since they are more likely to be interested in it. To do content remarketing, you will need to first define your audience in Google Display Network (GDN) and then target them using banner ads that contain brief info about an interesting article. Given that they have already visited your website, a brief glimpse of a new article might interest them to check out your website once again.

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