4 Differences Between The Usages Of A Maxi Taxi & Cab

Maxi-taxi is a motor vehicle that is developed to accommodate more than 7 passengers, whereas a cab is a taxi which is manufactured to accommodate not more than four to five passengers. Maxi taxis are generally owned by private organizations and they provide services during airport transfer, School, or college events, big family events, et cetera. A cab generally requires a meter to operate on the road whereas a Maxi taxi being a privately-owned motor vehicle does not require such an object, as the fair is generally fixed by the organization. A Maxi taxi & cab has different usage the only similar thing is that they both carry passengers.

Some of The Difference Between Maxi Taxi & Cab Are Specified Below:

1. Accommodation: A normal cab can accommodate up to 4 to 5 passengers and they are generally a Sedan or Wagon. They come under various sizes of four-wheelers and different models. The fare charges are according to the meter placed in the cab which shows the distance covered within the specified time. The passengers must pay according to the meter.

A Maxi usually known as taxis are generally Toyota Hiace. These Maxi taxis can accommodate up to 7 to 11 passengers including huge luggage and even two wheelchair clad passengers at a time. These taxis have a fair charge a little more than general cabs as per their accommodation. Normally, if the passengers are more than 7, then extra charges are levied.

2. Preferences: Cabs are generally government operated or personal vehicles. Here the passengers cannot decide their destinations, as they must ask the driver if they travel to the specific place or not. These cabs have specified areas where they operate and not outside these areas, each cab has specifically designated places. You cannot hire a cab for as long as you want, they will just pick you up from your destination and leave you at the other, no extended service is offered.

A Maxi taxi and Cab have separate purposes. A Maxi is owned by private organizations provides services according to the customer’s preferences. The time limit is generally specified by the passengers and they pay on an hourly basis. You can hire a Maxi taxi if you want for any reason, be it a picnic or a full family airport transfer. These private organizations of Maxi taxis are punctual and can reach your specified destination at the scheduled time.

3. Efficient: A cab is good for a solo traveler or a couple; they can easily interact with the driver and enquire about their surrounding areas. Also, you cannot book a cab as per your convenience but if you pay more than the normal price, then the driver will happily show you around the destination. One of the primary benefits of hiring a cab if you don’t need any tour guide because the driver can act as one.

A Maxi taxi and cab are different as a Maxi will be efficient and convenient for a family traveling around Australia, it has more space to accommodate several people including their luggage and other accessories. You can interact with your family throughout the journey without any hindrance, as a Maxi taxi has a spacious interior with a lot of free space. These taxes are kid-friendly and provide a luxurious atmosphere for their passengers.

4. Hassle free: Cabs are always parked around the airport hotels or other roadside places to cater to passenger. You can just come out of the airport and book a cab immediately right then and there. But in this case, you have to run around a little bit to find which cab will go to the exact destination you are looking for.

Maxi taxis are extremely hassle-free service where you can book your travel online through their website or on call by prepaying your traveling fair. Being a private organization, they are well accustomed to flight details and will reach the airport at the exact time so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience. They will be around with you all day according to your preference, instant pickup, and drop service to the customers are there foremost priority.


Maxi taxis & cab has a huge difference between them and is required for usually different purposes. Both are convenient in their own way of providing accommodation accordingly. Passengers can book both according to their requirement.

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