Who Is An Audiologist And What Are His Responsibilities?

Audiology means “science of hearing”. There are various dimensions of audiology which includes identification, evaluation and prevention of hearing disorders. It also includes the process of evaluation and selection of hearing aid and most importantly, the process of rehabilitation of individuals who have hearing impairment.

It is an Audiologist who identifies and measures the hearing functions and helps patients to rehabilitate with the help of different types of hearing impairments. They offer various services that include carrying out hearing tests on children and adult. They also take care of sales and services of hearing aids. An Audiologist is an experienced and licensed individual who has the expertise in fitting and evaluation of hearing aids, swim molds and custom hearing protection. They are the ones who have of the expertise to suggest that kind of hearing aid would be appropriate for the patient. They would carry out a full evaluation of the hearing aid.


Who is an Audiologist?

Audiology is a profession and an Audiologist is an individual who has the required expertise and specialization to treat patients who have problems in hearing or are experiencing hearing loss. An Audiologist holds Doctoral or Master’s Degrees from a recognized university and they undergo a special training in identification, prevention, non medical treatment and assessment related to hearing disorders. Audiologists are required to go through an internship program. The fact that they specialize in hearing problems and have the required professional license; they are the ones you need to get in touch with for hearing rehabilitation and medical treatment services.

Audiologists go through an extensive training program that imparts the right skill to assess and evaluate the hearing capabilities of children, adult, infants and people from different age groups. They have the required license and skills to carry out various tests in order to determine the hearing problem. After carrying out the required tests, Audiologists offer different types of treatments to the patients who are experiencing hearing impairment. 

What are the Responsibilities of Audiologists?

An Audiologist carries out a wide range of different tests and performs various kinds of evaluation and treatment procedures so as to diagnose the root cause of the problem and suggest a suitable solution. Here are some of the most common responsibilities which Audiologists are supposed to carry out:

  • Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aid
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Carry out different types of tests to evaluate the nature of the problem
  • Providing training on hearing rehabilitation.

Apart from these, Audiologists have the right expertise in dealing with different kinds of devices which are used by people with hearing impairment. They have the required skills and expertise to figure out which device would be appropriate for different individuals with hearing impairment.


An Audiologist plays a very important role in determining, evaluating and treating hearing problems. They are certified professionals and have the right expertise to diagnose and treat problems related to hearing. By the virtue of their education, they are also eligible to deal with different types of devices that are used to treat hearing impairment. So you can easily get in touch with them as they can help you in overcoming your hearing problems and offer complete assistance you have been looking for.

For those who are having hearing problems, an Audiologist should be their one stop solution. They have the required skills and expertise to diagnose the problem and then fix it. So do not worry about your hearing problems but get connected to an experienced professional only as they will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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