What to Do With Your Kids When It’s Too Hot to Go Outside?

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Most children can’t wait to go out and play, especially while school’s out for the summer, and parents usually find that this is the best way for them to blow off steam. Running, jumping, rollerblading, or riding a bike – there’s no limit to outdoor fun. However, if you’re in the middle of a heatwave, this may mean your kids need to stay indoors for a while. Excess exposure to heat can lead to sunburn and heat stroke, so it’s best to keep them protected from harmful UV rays.

If, like most parents, you’re wondering how to keep your children entertained during the height of summer, read on for expert tips by the team at Uptown Jungle North Phoenix. The days spent at home with your kids can be a fantastic opportunity to bond with them and create moments they’ll cherish forever.

1. Make staying in a fairytale adventure

First, create a magical setting. Draw the blinds to keep out the glaring sunlight. Build a fun blanket fort so your little prince or princess can have a cozy spot to play. Add comfy cushions and some LED lights. Take all their favorite toys and story books out. You can then read or role play their favorite fairy tales, have a family storytelling competition, or even put on a puppet show. The day will feel super special and you won’t even have to leave the house!

2. Organize a movie day

Are you in the mood for some movie magic? Throw cushions on the floor, get some popcorn, dim the lights, and play a kids’ movie. It can be a Disney classic or a new release, but let the children pick it out for themselves if possible. Later, you can discuss it and ask them whether they liked it and why. This can be a great opportunity to learn important life lessons and find positive role models in the brave heroes and heroines.

3. Take bath time to the next level

Getting wet is the best way to cool off on a hot summer day. If your kid is feeling cranky and bored in the heat, water will do them good. Even though it may be too hot to go out for a swim, your little one can still have a blast by splashing around in the bathtub. Supplies like bath bombs, bath color drops, and bathtub crayons could come in handy. They’ll make the experience a little different from regular bathtime. Bring their favorite bath toys along, too.

4. Play around in the kitchen

Being stuck at home is no reason to go hungry. Actually, it’s the perfect time to have fun in the kitchen. Pick out tasty and easy recipes that your kids could help you with. There are many ideas you can try. For example, baking cookies and letting your kids decorate them is a timeless classic. Children usually love adding pizza toppings so you could make one from ready-made dough to make things easier. Make sure your air conditioning is working properly, especially if you’re going to be baking!

5. Visit an indoor playground

Indoor play venues offer a chance to pass the time in an engaging way even when it’s boiling hot outside. They’re equipped with different features, like a trampoline, obstacle floor, ninja course, and many more. They’re also staffed by experienced teachers who take care of the children’s safety and well-being. They monitor them and help them use the equipment properly. These playgrounds combine safety, entertainment, and education, because they help the development of a child’s body and mind.

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