What Is the Key to Sustainable Living?

We’re facing global warming, air and water pollution. The Kyoto agreement fails to protect the planet from the key polluters. It seems that the planet is unstoppably rushing toward destruction and no one is coming to help us.

Most people believe that the solution to the problem is in the hands of the most powerful multibillionaires and politicians, and that an ordinary person cannot do anything to help.

Environmentalists, however, claim that this is not true and that every one of us, with minimal effort, can do a lot for the planet Earth. In recent years, we hear the term sustainability all the time, whether it comes to sustainable construction or the economy. So how can we make our daily lives more sustainable?

How Can You Live In a Sustainable Way?

If you want to lead a more sustainable way of life but aren’t sure how to pull it off, consider some of these suggestions which Swipe N Clean professionals were kind enough to provide:

1. Walk or ride a bike.

Transportation is one of the main causes of planetary pollution and global warming. Exhaust fumes from cars and other vehicles are major air pollutants. People drive to work, to the store, and some even drive for recreational purposes. Compared to that, walking or cycling emits 0 gases into the atmosphere. In addition to saving fuel and reducing pollution, it is also good for your body and mind.

2. Save electricity.

Save electricity as best as you can! Turn off the light when you leave a room. Switch off the TV or the computer when not in use. Every time we consume electricity, we contribute to the greenhouse effect. Use air conditioners only when you really need to. Otherwise, stay in the shade, which is much healthier and of course completely free. Lowered blinds on the windows or planted trees in the yard will significantly reduce the consumption of cooling electricity. Cooling devices are a serious threat to the ozone layer. Electricity producers are one of the biggest polluters, especially thermal power stations.

Sustainable Heating And Cooling Solutions For Your Home

3. Use reusable bags as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

“Get hooked on nature — quit plastics!” is a message sent by World Wide Fund For Nature Adria. Overuse of plastic and its deficient disposal, or better said lack of, is the main reason why every year eight million tons of plastic end up contaminating our waters. Plastic packaging is one of the most dangerous, but also the most visible pollutants on the planet. When going out, take with you bags or backpacks made from calico, cotton, canvas, or recycled plastic, which are more sustainable choices. In this way, you will do much to save nature. Reduce the use of plastic bottles, which also end up in landfills, by having your own bottle for juice or water.

4. Recycle.

Recycle, always! Plastic bottles, bags, cans, clothes, newspapers, all that needs to be classified. Separate according to material: plastic, aluminum, paper, organic matter.

  • For every 1000 kg of recycled paper, you save a total of 15 trees and 26,000 liters of water.
  • Recycling pet packaging is the only way to help the environment, animals and nature.
  • Cans can be recycled again without losing quality.
  • Recycling one ton of glass saves 30 tons of oil.

By purchasing recyclable products or those made from recycled materials, we contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment. Look for recycling symbols on the packaging. It is crucial that paper, cardboard, and other wood products are recycled as much as possible, to reduce the harmful impact that deforestation has on flora and fauna.

5. Don’t throw away things you can reuse.

Landfilling is one of the planetary problems. What individuals can do in such a situation is to produce as little garbage as possible. Anything that can be used in some way shouldn’t be thrown away. Donate old clothes to humanitarian organizations. Toys that your children have outgrown, arrange, wash and repair if necessary, and then give as gifts to other children or orphanages. Make flower pots out of plastic bottles. If you think about it, you will come up with many creative ideas.

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