What are the Different Types of Function Venues?

A function venue can be just about any spot where your event can be held – no matter what kind of event it is. Some types of venues, however, are better for some types of events. When it comes to professional conferences, meetings or gatherings, then the venue options can be of different types, let’s understand some of the popular venue options that you can explore.

Different Types of Conference Venues:

Conference Centres

For most of the business meets and conferences, you would need to book conference rooms. These are equipped with all the devices and equipments which would be required during the conference. These come with the type of AV equipment that is needed, and often offers catering services to customers. These venues might look slightly dreary at times but serve exactly as expected. For example, the CCT and ETC venues of London are decorated and created exactly for the purpose of business. These are best-suited function venues for:

  • Networking events
  • Presentations
  • Business meetings and
  • Conferences

Business Centres

These are meant for everyday activities such as co-working and meetings. You will find these to be ideal for presentations, networking events, business meetings etc.

Community Centres

Churches and other organizations and local government centres have spaces that can be availed on rent by private parties. For community meets or events, you can book community centres, the good part is that you might get them at a better rate.

Art Galleries

These have a lot of empty spaces for art objects to be installed. This leaves space for hosting many other types of events as well, and you can negotiate and get better rates. These are like museums in many ways but changing always. Thus, you can often use them for conference purposes. These are appropriate for networking events, artist meetups and workshops.

Sports Clubs

Another common function venue option are the sports clubs. Most of the private events and parties are held at such places. You will find these suited bests for events focusing around sports activities.

Pubs and Bars

If you are holding a live show or party, you can find venues such as pubs and bars more appropriate. You may also get nice deals in case you are able to hire them at daytime. In most major cities, you can get the chance to choose from many clubs, pubs and bars. The good part about hiring pubs and bars as function venues is that it gives you the leverage of good ambiance and theme , whether you would like to hold a rooftop party or a pool or dive party, many of these have such spaces to accommodate your needs. These are ideal function venues to hold tasting events, comedy nights, live music events and parties.


If you have a big event, you may get a private dining room, or even the whole restaurant is booked. This is a great choice for those who are looking to host a private party or any celebration. Choosing a good restaurant will give you access to their menu and arrangements which will lessen your task. These are most well-suited function venues for events like:

  • Tasting events
  • Business meetings
  • Wedding receptions
  • Birthdays
  • Dinner parties

If top quality food is what you want for your event, or you want a specific dish, a fine dining restaurant should be your choice. Such restaurants make nice foods and are known to offer amazing services.


These are the most conventional choices for those who are looking to host any party or events. A good hotel will have a conference room, dining room and a separate area where you can meet and greet people or conduct business meet. You can get catering services, top-notch AV equipment and more.

Based on your requirement, you can choose the function venues. Make sure that you enquire about the services and facilities they will be offering, thus ensuring that you host the best function seamlessly.

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