Useful Information Related to Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushions

A person who sits for a long time in the wheelchair understands the value of a right cushion. The cushions used for wheel chairs are considered to be useful and essential items as it gives the much needed support and comfort. There are multitude of benefits that a wheelchair person can get with respect to comfort, convenience and health. However, selecting the right kind of wheelchair cushion can be a puzzling task if you are not aware of the style, model or type of cushions available. Therefore, one has to be very careful when obtaining pressure relief wheelchair cushions.

It is true that cushions and wheelchairs are bought differently, but the buyer should focus on getting the most suitable cushion for the chair. The cushions are available in different sizes, depths and styles and one needs to understand the requirements of the wheelchair user to buy the most appropriate one. The factors to be focused on while buying the cushion are:

Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushions
  • Height of chair
  • Length and height footrest
  • Armrest position
  • High back or low back of chair.

Before you make the final decision, you need to analyze each and every factor mentioned above. Nowadays, with the advent of new technology, the cushions are made from gel, foam and air technique. The medical cushions should be such that the health of the person should be on the priority list. Every wheelchair user has his/her own concerns with respect to the cushion, some of them worry about balancing while others think about function, some stress on pressure management while others think of comfort and positioning. The designers think of everything about the user’s comfort and then make the perfect cushions for the welfare of the users.

Types of Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushions

As mentioned already, there are different kinds of cushions available for various needs; the major ones are described below.

Wheelchair Cushion
  1. Foam cushion: It is the most common and popular material which is available at affordable rates. Some of the features of foam that focuses people to buy more of this are, it is the most comfortable and light in weight, it is versatile and flexible to use. It can absorb all the vibrations on the way and keep the user safe. In addition to this, the cushion is compressible and has a spring inside which helps the user in the firm sitting position.

  1. Air cushion: It is a stiff cushion and reduces the vibrations experienced on the chair. These are portable in nature and are light in weight, making it a perfect option for the users who need utmost comfort while on chairs. However, these cushions need to be inflated regularly. These are reasonable and can be taken anywhere. Sometimes, they might hurt and cause irritation to the skin as well.

  1. Gel cushion: This kind of cushion is completely different from the ones mentioned above. They have a rubber kind of texture and are heavy in weight than other cushions. They have some sort of fluid or gel inside which offers more comfort option to the user on wheel chair. These cushions can stay for a longer duration of time and require no kind of maintenance, unlike the other cushions.

So, now that you have known the factors, benefits and types of cushion, the ultimate decision lies with you. You can seek help from your doctors or any expert as to which kind of cushions can be the most useful, comfortable and perfect for you. Spend time on research and then purchase the right kind of cushion for your wheel chair.

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