Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Dental Implant Over Dentures and Bridges

Sometimes no matter how meticulous you are in saving your teeth from decay or growing cavities, some oral problems are inescapable. This is especially when you have spent a good part of life not looking after the health and well-being of teeth. You may blame it your hectic professional life or extensive family care. Due to unavoidable circumstances and random lifestyle choices, your teeth have to suffer in the end. Thanks to the modern day revolution in dental care treatment, now you can choose to have dental implant that is one step ahead over old treatments of dentures and bridges.

So if you:

  • Have lost or broken one or more teeth
  • Want a reliable, long-lasting replacement for missing natural teeth
  • Wish to restore the old facial aesthetics OR
  • Want to eliminate the hassle of uncomfortable denture

Then, Dental prosthetics is just what you should seek as a viable option for teeth replacement treatment. But before we go on in our discussion, for all of those who have never heard of it, let’s first understand what exactly the phenomenon of implant is.

What is Dental Implant?

Dental implant in one word is an innovation of surgical science that helps afflicted people minimize the extremity of inconvenient truth they face upon losing their teeth. To simplify the answer, it’s a structure usually made of titanium that is embedded into the jawbone at a tooth root. They act as a strong foundation to support removable, artificial or natural teeth. Because of the bone formation that happens later in the implant surroundings, the structure receives firmness and stability needed to stick the tooth to its base.

To help you make wise oral health decision, we have summarized top 5 reasons for considering the implant as the dental restorative solution to look forward to.

#1. It Gives you Back Your Pretty Smile and Confidence

When you opt for the implant treatment, you can be sure you will not have to undergo the same inconvenience as you might with awkward dentures. Plus, you restore your facial charm with artificial or natural teeth embedded comfortably on strong foundation. When you can share your smile with people, you feel more powerful and confident as you regain your social self-esteem.

#2. It Brings More Comfort than Dentures

The arrangement of dental implant is done in such a way that it remains fixed to your jawbone like real teeth and doesn’t shift or slip as you speak or eat. Dentures sometimes give you discomfort and cause slurring or confusing speech whereas implants remain friendly and firm to your mouth ensuring clear speech and communication.

#3. It has Higher Longevity and Durability

Compared to dentures and dental bridges, you will be surprised to know that the mechanism of implants are made to outlast. It is stronger, durable and has longer life than any other dental solution. Provided you remain adamant in your diet and adhere to all of dentist’s instructions and show good care for your new teeth, you can be assured of getting great value and life out of it.

#4. You can Eat Your Favorite Food

If you ask anybody who has to wear removable dentures, they will tell you how awkward it feels especially while speaking and eating hard and sticky foods. They have to make a good deal of compromise on many of their favorite foods. Dental implant can make things easy for you and you can even end up indulging in clingy cheese pizza. The implant will enable you to enjoy the food of your choice without any fear of breaking your teeth.

#5. It will Make Difference to Oral Hygiene

Dentures will require being removed and cleaned on and off while dental bridges will need you to pay more attention while brushing. To maintain the optimal oral health and hygiene, you must bring the bristles to removing the debris of food residue, which appears to be an irritating and grueling challenge. Having dental implants relieves you from this pressure as it allows you to clean your implanted teeth as easily as you clean your natural teeth. This way you will not encounter any trouble maintaining oral hygiene.


Due to lack of detailed knowledge and involvement of surgery, people with dental problems often dread the idea of getting dental implants done to their teeth. However, when you consult with a modern dentist, you will realize that the implant is as convenient as natural teeth and it is a one-time investment. Say goodbye to old dentures and learn the benefits of having dental implants. You will enjoy the comfort of the implant and can live life freely.

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