Tips To Factory Line Marking – A Guide You Should Follow

Factory line marking is used to give warnings and notices that certain are is painted and you don’t have to cross that particular area. If you want to maximize your work space then you should incorporate factory line marking in your factory. And as we all know if any business wants to achieve a certain level of growth then it needs to manage everything effectively and in an appropriate manner. One should never forget an important part of the business that is factory and storage. You can minimize the accidents because everyone follows directions that will be given by line marking. It is a fabulous way to ensure safety in the space and to demarcate an area. It offers safety benefits to those working inside.

There are many companies that provide 24X7 hours factory line marking services. Boundaries and line are marked on the factory and warehouse floors with the help of floor tapes and paints. Industrial grade floor marking tapes can resist damage from industrial forks, cranes and industrial chemicals. The floor marking tape is used to mark aisles and is the most cost effective way of doing that.

Prepare the Surface That Needs to Be Marked

Before starting off with factory line marking, you need to prepare the surface. To start preparing the surface, first remove the objects, vehicles, and debris. Ask pedestrians to clear the area for it needs to be line marked. If there is excess dirt, dust, oil, and grease in the area, get rid of them. To get the best results, make sure you clean the area. Use proper traffic management equipment in the area.

Tips to Line Marking Concrete Surface

Allow the concrete surface to cure before you begin line marking. Before doing factory line marking, clear off contaminants and get rid of dirt and dust. Make sure the surface is dry for 2-3 days and then you begin line marking work. Turn off the sprinkler and then avoid using pressure washing equipment for at least 2-3 days. Direction the line marking sweep and then blow dry surface to get rid of debris.

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How to Ensure Long Life of Marked Lines?

Use thermoplastic markings in an area where heavy traffic is there. Additionally, you may employ blow torch heat technique for line marking to increase its life. This is going to last up to 5 times more than usual paints. But, make sure you seal the surfaces before applying thermoplastic. Use approved and certified road marking paint in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Professional road markers can help you in the following:

  • mark the forklift work areas
  • mark out loading bays
  • mark out unsafe areas and write heavy machinery
  • demarcate workshops
  • mark out truck lanes, loading routes and transport routes

The floors of warehouse, logistics and distribution centers, factory environment and industrial environment may be surfaced with the use of the textured multi-grip system. This may help to avoid injuries due to fall in the area. It may also minimize any risk of an accident that involves machinery, goods, and people.

Workplaces must be marked properly with respect to sections, aisles, passageways. Make sure the line marking is as per the OSHA Standards or Occupational Safety and Health Administration. There are several guidelines issued by this body for marking factories, warehouses, and parking spaces. It also provides instructions for marking aisles and to adhere to mandatory requisites. There isn’t much need for surface preparation if you are using floor marking tape. Factory line marking with paints require surface marking. Depending on the kind of traffic the area receives, you may do the floor marking.

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