Tips on Using Acrylic Paint Markers for Metal Fabrication and Other Uses

When it comes to acrylic paint markers, there are plenty of options available in the market. These are basically industrial markers that are used for various kinds of purposes. Ideally, regular acrylic markers are used in colleges, schools, homes, etc. but these days with the demand for manufacturing tools and metal fabrication, you can also find the industrial grade available that is particularly made for fabrication purposes.

Acrylic paint markers
Acrylic paint markers

What are the different types of acrylic markers?
Ink Markers
One of the most common kinds of acrylic paint markers are the normal ink ones. These are ideally used for marking wood and cardboard or any other kind of porous areas. However, because they dry out faster and are also very easy to use, there are a lot of variations available in them for metal fabrication processes. These are made with harder nibs and they are also able to stick on the rustier surfaces. Good quality paint markers are used to enhance the productivity quotient of any industrial output, and they do not emit any toxic fumes while they are used in the production process.

Liquid paint markers

  • These are another kind of acrylic paint markers and they are mostly pigment based. One can find them in bolder colors and patterns and they usually produce a very bright mark. Made especially for areas that are not really visible properly, they tend to glow in the dark too.
  • One issue here is that the ink may be drying out a little slow, but it sure provides a legible mark at the end and a very clean finish too.
  • You can easily use these for different kinds of metals, without worrying about water, rust or oil removing them.

Solid paint markers

  • Another kind of acrylic paint markers are the solid paint markers that too like the above are pigment based. These don’t contain a nib but there is also a marker here and also do not get damaged because of rough surfaces.
  • In case of these solid ones, you have to wait a bit for the paint to dry out. Sometimes, the process may take as long as an hour. But this is ideally suited for commercial and industrial purposes because it is very much economically viable.
Acrylic paint pens
Acrylic paint pens

Welding markers
Welding markers are another type of acrylic paint markers that can be made of 2 types of materials. The first one is Soap-stone that you can find commonly. However, these tend to break a lot and don’t have a very durable finish. On the other hand, there are some Welders’ pencils available that provide you with better visibility, precise marking and finally a long lasting effect too for metals.

How do these acrylic markers work?

  • Paint markers or rather acrylic paint markers are ideal for metal fabrication. They are made using different kinds of chemical additives that help in making them last longer and resist solvents.
  • A balance of chemicals helps them to get set on metals. With the right pigmentation, the paint is able to stick on the metal and doesn’t wear off very fast.
  • Some markers may require heat treatments so that the pigments are optimized and you can use it for long.

There are a range of acrylic paint markers in the market that are known to resist very high temperatures too. Ideally they can tolerate temperatures ranging from 150 degrees F.  It is the solvent combined with the pigments that provides the right blend of paint, which in turn, helps to write or make a mark. It has a distinctive smell when you write, which optimizes its longevity. The same goes away as the solvent evaporates, after finishing its job.

This blog help you to learn about Acrylic paint markers. Let’s go to the details to get few more useful information.

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