The Chocolaty Difference Between Swiss & Belgian Chocolates

Chocolates! The very word that gets anyone’s mouth-watering. There is a wide range of chocolates available all around the world, a much more than you can even name. But the chocolates that are in the highest demand are Swiss and Belgian chocolates. Both of these are tied for the best chocolate award. For most chocolate lovers, both Swiss & Belgian chocolate are favorites. According to me, there are 2 types of people in this world. One, who eats all types of chocolates saying who cares what type it is as long it is a chocolate. Two, the type of people who have favorites in chocolates. For all the chocolate lovers out there, to make you more aware of what chocolates you eat, I will explain to you a few points of differences between Swiss & Belgian chocolates.

Switzerland is so famous for its chocolates that it is almost synonymous to chocolates. Once, there was a ban laid on chocolates because it was considered to be an aphrodisiac. Until the late 19th century, chocolate was only available in the form of cocoa or in liquid form. But then the Swiss came up with the idea of adding cocoa butter. They are also the creators of milk chocolates. This is how Swiss chocolate is crowned as the leader of all the chocolates. But, the Belgians are not far behind. They invented the praline and chocolate truffles with so many exotic fillings. This tiny country of Belgium manufactures over 172,000 tons of chocolate every year. It is the birthplace of flavored liquid center filled chocolates and a chocolate that tastes equally as good has not been made till date and never will be.

Swiss & Belgian Chocolate

The Swiss and Belgian chocolates not only taste different but also have variant processes of making.

  • The first primary difference lies in the cocoa beans itself. The beans of Swiss chocolate hail from South America while Belgian chocolates have beans that are sourced from Africa. As the cultivating conditions in both the places are different, there is a tinge of variation in the taste too.
  • The Swiss are experts in milk chocolates. Their milk chocolates are the best and in demand all over the world. On the other hand, people who love dark chocolates, are more inclined towards Belgian chocolates as it has higher cocoa content which gives it a strong dark chocolate flavor.
  • Belgian chocolates are transported in heated tanker trucks. Generally, most chocolates are frozen into solid form. But in case of Belgian chocolates, the companies get chocolate that is not cooled down or frozen after the tempering process and thereby their aromas and flavors are preserved. This gives it an acute flavor that is celebrated all around the world.
  • The thing that makes Belgian chocolate stand out is its variety of center fillings. Belgian is the most famous for its liquid filled center chocolates. As the chocolates are delivered in an unfrozen state and then is perfected and packed into bars, the aroma of the chocolate flavor combines well with the center filling and making it taste better and have a smooth texture. As far as plain chocolate is concerned, Switzerland is famous for it. Even its darker flavored chocolates have a perfect roundness to their flavor.

Also, Swiss chocolate has a smoother texture than the Belgian chocolates. Actually, comparing both of these is like comparing an apple and a mango. All these points of difference between Swiss & Belgian chocolate is just to explain how different both of them are and yet are equally in demand. As far as the question of the best type is concerned, you yourself are the best judge for what type of you like. Isn’t that true?

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