Planning To Tie the Knot Soon? How about These Wedding Venues in Goa

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A couple of decades ago, nobody thought of celebrating their honeymoon in Goa as the beach state was mostly frequented by the hippy type. There was nothing more than a couple of resorts along the quiet beaches. However today, the scenario has changed completely and couples are choosing it not just for spending their honeymoon, but also for tying the knot as well. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing wedding venues in the beach state.

It’s of no doubt that Goa is one of the hippest places to party your whole night with your friends, forget everything and just get sloshed. But what if we tell you that Goa is also a famous place to tie the knot as well. Today, a lot of couples living in the metropolitans want to ditch the crowded affairs and look for a quiet do with only close relatives in attendance. If you’re convinced with the thought, then Goa is where you should say yes to the ring. If you’re planning to get hitched this year, check for Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi to Goa flights fare and plan out a dream wedding. In order to save your time in finding the right venue, we’ve collected some of the best ones for you.

Taj Exotica

Upon entering the lush property of Taj Exotica, attaining a calm and serene feeling is quite natural. With the hotel lobby allowing ample of sunlight and the entire complex showcasing a magnificent architecture, with splendidly decorated hallways and super spacious rooms, the Taj Exotica is known as one of the popular places to call for a wedding. Such is the popularity of hotel as a wedding venue, that they’ve opted out their own wedding packages, a Christian ‘White Wedding’ and  a ‘Mughal Wedding’ which is way more traditional. The hotel ensures that it’s not just the groom and the bride who gets the most of pamper, but even the guests have their fair share and thus it provides them with facilities like private spas and entertainment.

Park Hyatt Goa

Located at one of the most secluded beaches in Southern Goa, the Park Hyatt Goa is one of the most famous places to get married. Being secluded promises your function to be extremely personal, such that it almost feels like the entire hotel has been booked for you. You can go for a picturesque sunset wedding and celebrate all night and tie the knot with the first rays of the sun. Sounds, perfectly romantic, doesn’t it?

The Zuri White Sands

A range of premier resorts and casinos, the Zuri White Sands, is another fantastic location to get hitched. With some really exquisite suites surrounded by lavish gardens, patios and little bridged across the streams, with sunlight filtering between the swaying palm trees, the surreal atmosphere of the Zuri White Sands is definitely tempting. The hotel showcases a typical Portuguese style of architecture and offers a complete package to couples completely taking care of everything, from food to entertainment.

So, in case you just cannot wait to get married and are little confused about how to reach Goa, do get in touch with your travel operators as soon as possible.

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