Make Yourself Smart with Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Smartphone has become the trendiest necessary of each individual while Samsung has proved itself as the foremost Smartphone provider. With the launch of Galaxy note series, Samsung completely twisted the Smartphone standard and the present release of this Korean company s Galaxy Note 5 which was just released on August. The advanced features and specifications of Note 5 are indicating what the Note 6 is going to be. Samsung has always been offering something extra than the usual expectations and with the next release of Note 6 everyone is expecting something new to experience. Let’s take a look on the probable features of Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

Possible features of Note 6
When Note 5 has arrived with metallic boy and Gorilla glass, Galaxy Note 6 is expecting to bring some new look which give a stylish look the holder of this phone. A 6 – 6.2 inch screen size and a superior 4K display with at least 800 ppi is expecting to arrive with galaxy Note 6 which will offer an amazing display experience to the users. One more amazing thing about Galaxy Note 6 is that it is featuring a foldable display which enhances the using of this Smartphone.
If we move on to the processor of Note 6, we all know that Samsung has brought new chipset with each flagship of Galaxy Note series. So everyone is expecting new and higher Exynos version with a 16-core processor with Galaxy Note 6 to arrive which will offer a superfast experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6
Samsung Galaxy Note 6
The charging problem is the most common problem arrives with each Smartphone. But with Note 6, Samsung is trying to overcome this issue and offer users a great charging facility. Samsung is offering Note 6 a much fast charging technology which is assumed to charge 40 % of the battery only in just 4 Minutes. Yes it may be surprising, but true.

When we move on to camera feature, Samsung has always been best to offer high camera qualities with its each release of Note series. It is reported that Samsung with Note 6 is working on a dual-camera module. This dual module camera feature will offer its users a 3D camera specification and live photos. It also can record 360 degree video in 4K resolution
Possible release date
Samsung has always maintained a regular release format for its every release. So it won’t be so difficult to assume about the release of its next flagship. Note 5 have launched in August 2015 and hence Note 6 is expecting to arrive in between august to September. But nothing is assured yet from Samsung Company itself.

Expected Price of Note 6

If we compare with the price of Note 5, Galaxy Note 6 definitely wouldn’t be easily affordable. With many high-end features, Note 6 will sure to have a great price. But there is no official announcement about the exact price of this phone and so the market is just wondering with the gossiped specs and price of Note 6.

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