Instructions That You Need to Follow Before Getting A Breast Augmentation Done

Breast augmentation has become very popular among women, these days because, it helps you to get an enhanced physical appearance. However, since this is a surgery, so before getting this surgery done, it is important to follow certain guidelines. These guidelines will be provided by your surgeon and it is very important for you to ensure that you follow these instructions very minutely. If you do not follow these instructions properly, then you might face problems during the surgery or at times, during the recovery period.

If you are interested to know in details about some of the general guidelines that you need to follow before the breast augmentation surgery, then, you can go through the detailed discussion given below:

  • The drugs that contain ibuprofen, aspirin should be completely stopped at least 10 days before the surgery. The blood gets thinned due to the intake of these medicines and as a result of this; it might become difficult for the wounds to heal after the operation.
  • If you are especially not recommended by your surgeon, it is always better to stop the intake of all the homeopathic or the herbal remedies 30 days before the surgery. In fact, it is also better to stop the intake of Vitamin C or Vitamin E 30 days prior to the surgery.
  • If you wear contact lenses, make sure that you do not wear them during the surgery.
  • Make sure that the shoes and the clothing that you wear on the day of the surgery are comfortable. Wearing a pair of shorts or pants will be good, because it helps you to pull it up easily. It is important for you to wear a top that has buttons or zip in the front because you will find it difficult and uncomfortable to lift your hands above your head post the breast augmentation surgery.
  • You should not have alcohol 24 hours before the surgery.
  • If you are addicted to smoking, then make sure that you stop smoking four weeks prior to your surgery. If you are not able to quit smoking completely, then cut the number of cigarettes that you take. The blood vessels get constricted due to smoking that might become a hindrance for proper healing. If you take nicotin to quit smoking, you should even try to stop taking it because; even this constricts the blood vessels.
  • If you are a diabetic make sure, that your surgeon knows about it before hand.

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