Increasing Your Grip Strength by Utilizing Hand Grip Dynamometer

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Most individuals tend to lose their hand grips as they start aging. Maintaining hand grip strength is extremely important for each and every people. Without it, you will naturally not be able to perform daily tasks and activities, let alone playing games. Therefore, it is required for every individual to focus on increasing their hand grip strength. A decent hand grip strength level is important to maintain. Due to the advent of technologies, you will be liable in testing the strength of your hand grip. This is where a hand grip dynamometer comes in. On testing your strength, it will monitor your decline. Moreover, it can also give an indication of risk, if there are any. Hence, it would be best to familiarize yourself with its usage application and procedures as well.

Functions of the Equipment

In right to perform hand grip strength, you need to make use of advanced technologies like a hand grip dynamometer. With its advanced techniques, you would be able to determine ways to increase your grip strength.

  • Due to the slightly curved handle of a dynamometer, it will help to mimic the patterns of your hand. This will be applicable only when you make a fist.
  • Handles are known to be pliable. It also tends to be receptive if any pressure goes against it.
  • A modern hand grip has a monitor attached to it. This will help show your strength as soon as you squeeze.
  • There also happens to be more advanced forms of dynamometer. Such equipment may hand a better digital readout.

Procedures for Conducting

A hand grip strength test is undertaken by people from all stages of life. Mainly it is designed for replicating the strength of your grip. This test is conducted by using a hand grip dynamometer. It helps measure your strength in kilograms.

  • You will be required to continuously squeeze the dynamometer. It is vital to perform this test in a standing position with your elbow bent to the side of your body.
  • Ensure to grab it with a neutral grip. Post grabbing it, take a deep breath. While breathing out, you will again need to squeeze it as hard as you can.
  • It would be requisite for you to perform a minimum of three trials for each hand.

On completion of this test, ensure that you record the highest value that you have reached. The highest values would eventually be your score.

Tips for Completing the Test

In right to attain a high score, it is important to follow certain tips. For detailed use of a hand grip dynamometer, you need to make sure that you maintain a proper balance.

  • While holding the dynamometer, you may be required to assess sizes of it. Always ensure to be comfortable with its size.
  • While holding the equipment, it is important to create equal tension across your upper body. While you are on it, squeeze as hard as you can.
  • Since you will be required to squeeze tightly, always ensure that your hands are dry enough.

Factors to Be Taken Into Consideration

While conducting this test, it is important to take certain important considerations in mind. Post completion of this test, it is important to obtain high scores. If in case your values are below average, you will immediately need to consult a doctor. Apart from such factors, it is important to focus on other types of exercises as well. Ensure to perform resistance training exercises which utilize free weights such as barbell and other such similar kinds. These will help your arms to hold a dynamometer more easily. Overall, such types of exercises will help to improve your grip strength in general.

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