How to know when is the time to replace a bathtub? Well, here is the answer!

Since ages, bathtubs are one constant thing that has been in the house, whether, lavish mansions or a normal house. The only reason for such consistency is that people love to take bath and enjoy the energy when in bathtubs. Having a bath full of fragrance, candles, and music – what else do we need to help relax the human senses. However, chances are, you no longer enjoy the synergy that a bathtub creates with your body due to the reasons listed below:

  • It Has A Leakage:

The most common issue that every bathroom faces is the problem of leakage. The easiest way to detect the leakage in a bathtub is by filling the tub with water and plugging the drain. Keep checking the level of the water after a couple of minutes. If the level lowers then it needs to be fixed immediately. Trying to fix this problem temporarily may cause more damage in the future. Therefore, next time you think of replacing the bathtub consider a list of top bathtubs to buy.

  • Dirty and Tainted:

Who likes stains, irrespective of where they are in the house. Same is the case when it comes to a bathtub. A lot of bathtubs get the stain of oils and soaps if not cleaned properly. Also, these stains lead to harmful bacteria and germs that may infect you and your children. Imagine, you need a relaxing bath after a hectic schedule, but your bathtub looks awful and is very unhygienic too. You can use some scrubbers to get rid of these stains, however, if they are stubborn then the only option is to get your bathtub replaced.

  • The Problem of Mildew:

Mildew is a fungus that occurs on the surface of bathtubs, bathroom tile corners, and basement walls. If your bathtub has this then you need to replace it immediately as it may lead to respiratory issues, the breakdown of the nervous system and also causes depression. Replacement is the only option when bathtub has these dangerous bacterias. If you are thinking of cleaning it somehow, then probably you are not aware of the severe damage it can do your health and mental well-being.

  • Beyond The Limit of Usage:

Bath time is a time that people mostly use for relaxation. Various research has supported the fact that bathing helps in increasing melatonin in the human body and also triggers endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin hormones. Imagine, as soon as you see your bathtub, instead of feeling the urge of soaking your body into the water and enjoying the music for some time, you avoid getting into the tub. Well, this is a signal that indicates you need to replace your tub now.

If you are experiencing any of these in your bathroom then you need to fix these problems by replacing the bathtub with an amazing one. Today, a lot of different tubs are available according to the color, size, and shape of the buyer. So, pick your favorite one accordingly!

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