How to Choose the Perfect Fire Hose Reels

The possibilities of fire breakout can happen at any given place. To acknowledge the hazardous situation, fire prevention workers ensure adequate fire prevention methods in all kinds of buildings and structures. They are comprehensively trained with the right skills, equipment and their applications so that they can tackle fire outrages with dexterity. The use of right device, equipment and tools enable to provide fire safety and prevention within business or domestic premises.
The fact is that fire prevention devices can assure prevention but not safety. Hence, it is important to plan for any type of contingencies. Nowadays, every building has fire prevention provision, the idea is to reduce potential hazards, if not prevent the whole situation completely. These days buildings are built as per safety codes and so the presence of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers is quite common. These are the essential devices that are meant for people’s safety and to enhance the feasibility of people’s survival and safety, the need of supplementary devices, such as, fire hose reels are mostly required. They help to accelerate the chances of protection and also to prevent against the fire breakouts.
What are fire hose reels? 
Hose reels help to provide and force flow of water to help in ceasing tough fires. The idea is to provide sufficient water supply in any building or within premise. If the flames are strong and inexorable, a fire blanket or fire extinguisher is of no use. In a situation like this, enough water supplies should be kept ready. Now, to transport water safely and quickly to the required spot, the right quality and appropriate fire hose should be available.
Here, take a quick look of choosing quality fire hose reels:
  • A quality hose reel is capable of providing adequate water flow at a range of 12 meters at the minimum. Besides, top quality reels can accommodate at least 30 meters of hose pipe, which is long enough to suffice distances to be covered by hoses for reaching unreachable areas in high-rises for ceasing fire. Also, a 19 mm fixed manual is usually suggested. Keeping this as a provision, the fire equipment you are using will properly function even while you are covering short distances. The nozzle at the mouth of the hose should also be checked to verify if the flow of water is properly regulated and directed without difficulty. 

  • Fire fighters need to understand the regulations that are being imposed. There are certain specifications and rules regarding fire hose reels and all the related equipment to it. The current standards are BS 336 that are being implemented for fire hose coupling and ancillary equipment covering fire hoses, hose nozzle, suction hose, hose connectors, delivery pipes, pipe junctions, pipe fittings, and so on. Besides, as per the standard regulations, there are proper requirements of hose assemblies and also delivery hoses that should be non-percolating for any type of fire safety purposes. Also, the rules pertain that fire hoses should be used at a level of 15 bar (working pressure) and at a temperature at minimum -20 degree Celsius.
  • To select the perfect quality for fire hose reels, one should consider the options in the market. Remember, type 2 hose reels feature alloy couplings that are kept wired-on. This is available in 18 meters length to 23 meters length. You will find type 3 reels too that are heavy-duty and are meant for complex facilities, such as the airports and warehouses.
Thus, following the above tips, it is easy to choose fire hose reels from a variety of options that you can find on the market radar and also you can visit here to choose fire hose reels and get more details on them.

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