How Does Premium Packaging Help to Elevate The Appeal of a Product?

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Contrary to the popular metaphor “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, most shoppers do judge which items to buy based on its packaging.

According to a survey conducted in 2019, the average shopper spends approximately half a minute making a decision on what to buy in a particular aisle or section based on the item’s visual appeal. In order for business to be successful it is extremely important to catch the attention of the potential customers. Brands that give importance to the quality and design of the packaging focus on “premium packaging” that offers a bold, customer-facing ad right on the shelves.

Between offering an appealing appearance and practicality, premium packaging can influence the choice of a customer. A potential customer looks for items that can be better alternatives, and even worth buying despite a higher price – which may be critical to a brand’s efforts to increase sales of their products in an extremely competitive market.

How Does Premium Packaging Add to Product Appeal Through Its Usefulness And Convenience? 

Packaging serves two main roles: to hold and protect the product from damage and to catch the customer’s eye on the aisles. When the manufacturers provide additional features – specifically in terms of convenience – to their item packaging, the final product appears special or “premium”.

Customers prefer packaging with designs that has convenience and other features like the functionality, size, shape, weight and colour scheme that adds to the appeal of a product. The premium look to the customer is the first step to make customer stop and look at your product.

In recent years, many food brands have introduced convenience innovation to their product packaging such as reseal able containers to keep the food/drink fresh and pocket-size packets which make carrying snacks around easier.

Such means of premium packaging adds value to the products’ appeal by showing customers how they make daily life easier and more convenient, especially with the fast-paced lives we live today.

How Does Premium Packaging Add to Product Appeal Through Attractive Package Design? 

While convenience and functionality ARE important, for most customers the most appealing aspect of premium packaging is the visual appearance.

The design of an item’s outer cover plays an important role in increasing product appeal, probably even more important than the role of advertising.

There are 4 Primary Cues Associated With the Visual Aspect of Premium Packaging:

  • A unique container/package to communicate brand identity and make the product stand out from the rest.
  • Appealing to other senses apart from sight, like touch, sound, and scent, thereby connecting on a sensory level. Packages that successfully stimulate the majority of the senses will be more appealing to the customer.
  • Specialty completes the connection between tactile sensation and importance.
  • The ability of the packaging to be minimalistic and still evoke a sense of refinement and elegance, implying with premium packaging.

Today’s customers are ready to pay more for certain products, so long as it has the right packaging attributes i.e. it is convenient, customizable, and innovative. Premium packaging, if done carefully and strategically, allows manufacturers to charge a higher price for the item and increase product sales.


Simply put, it can enable a product to be valued more and customers will be willing to pay for it as long as the qualities of the products are adhered to. Remember that a product’s packaging aims to express what a brand stands for, both to its customers and its competitors. Brands can leave a lasting and appealing impression on the shelves of stores and in the minds of their customers by employing premium packaging.

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