Few Reasons For Opting For Printed Bags Rather Than Plastic

With an increase in influencer marketing, billboards, and social media ads, it can be difficult to find affordable ways of effectively marketing a business. But why should you opt for this over the plastic alternative?

Few Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Printed Bag Over A Plastic Alternative:

#1. Less Damaging To The Environment

One of the biggest reasons to opt for you to opt for printed bags is the reduced damage that they cause to the environment. Due to the structure of cotton and the versatility of the material, this can be used to make a design of any size whilst using half the energy that would be used to create a paper or plastic bag.

#2. They Are Less Likely To End Up On Landfill

In addition to this printed cotton bags are less likely to end up in landfill sites as they can be used again and again. If you make the design practical by thinking about the size of the straps as well as the room that you have in the bag itself, this will help to encourage the tour audience to use the bag every time that they go shopping.

#3. Can Be Designed To Suit The Needs Of Your Business

In addition to the practicality of the design, it is important to consider what you as a business owner want your bag to include. Do you want it to feature just a plain logo or do you want interactive elements such as QR codes? This will all need to be discussed beforehand to ensure that you have a clear design in mind that will appeal to customers as well as perfectly market your business in every way.

#4. Requires Less Energy To Produce

Though many think that paper bags are in fact an eco-friendly packaging available, this is not the case. With paper bags taking more energy to produce than a paper bag, it is, in fact, cotton bags that are the most long-lasting eco-friendly solution as they require less energy to produce. In addition to this, the strong material makes this style of the bag a long-lasting option that can be printed on to create the perfect bag for any marketing campaign.

#5. Material Can Be Recycled

Though there are a number of ways that a cotton bag can be used by customers, it is important to note that cotton and fabric bags can also be recycled with ease. When recycling a cotton bag, the scrap of the old cotton will be spun into a new yarn. This will then be made into another bag and will then repeat the cycle.

#6. Material Is Less Likely To Wear Quickly.

The final reason to opt for printed fabric bags rather than plastic is the material as fabric lasts significantly longer than plastic as it will not wear away. Though there is still a chance that this will wear and rip, this will last longer than a paper or plastic bag and will reduce the carbon footprint of your business with the utmost success.

Whether you are looking to implement a printed bag campaign this year or you are looking to finally ditch the single-use plastic, we are sure that some of these benefits will help you to design the perfect bag for your customers that markets your business effectively.

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