Facts to Know About Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a process which is used to build up various structures and machines that are used in different sectors. The fabrication process includes cutting, burning, machining, welding, formation and assembling of the parts. The raw materials like different metals are collected and then processed by the experts to form different parts of the machinery and products. The experts use various processes and tools to fabricate the metal and produce the parts of the machinery. The following parts of the article will let you know about some of the metal fabrication processes that are used to form different types of industrial needs.

Types of Metal Fabrication

The metal fabrication is a vast area which includes various types of fabrication processes as described below.


In this process, the molten metal is taken and poured in a die or mold and set to be hard in the desired shape. In case of making the permanent mold the casting process involves pouring the metal into the mold and to produce the identical products or reusable structures. In this case, the liquid form of metal is poured in the die and forced to be hardened in the desired shape. Apart from that, fabricator can use the 3D designs to make your products according to your preferences. The mold casting is known to deliver the stronger metal fabricated structure than the die ones. But removing the process of the mold metal fabrication is very complicated and impossible in some cases. So, the semi-mold fabrication is followed, and you can contact with your nearest metal fabrication company to know about this process.


This is another type of fabrication in which the metals are cut into the small pieces to create a particular structure. The traditional metal cutting process was tough and time taking. In the recent trends, you will get the laser cutting option that cut the metals according to your needs. Apart from it, some other advanced tools are also available in the market. These are like power scissor, waterjet cutting, and plasma arc cutting.


When the experts need to bend the metal to create some particular angle then the brake press is used. This is used to create the creases on the metal. To shape a particular sheet of metal, the piece is held between a die and punch which creates forced pressure on the sheet and as a result, the creases appear. The hammering process on the metal sheet is also used in the traditional way to create the crease. In the modern days, most of the industries use the folding machines to create the creases on the metal sheets.


In this particular metal fabrication process, the experts use the die and the tensile force. The die is used to stretch the metal sheet and make it thinner one. The experts make the drawing process of metal fabrication at the room temperature through the metal sheet is heated to reduce the required force.


The forging metal fabrication process is applied by the experts to shape up the metal sheets for various purposes. In this process, the hammer is applied to strike the metal sheet until it gets the perfect shape. This process can also be done on the heated metal sheet.

Apart from these above-mentioned processes, there are some other types of metal fabrication which is followed by the experts to form various metallic structures. These include Extrusion, punching, machining, stamping, shearing, welding and more. The experts of the metal fabrication should take proper safeguard before starting their task, and you must check their license, certifications and experience level before you hire.

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