Experience the thrill with the upcoming model “HTC One M10”!

Thrilling”, yes the Smartphone lovers consider their handsets as thrilling! It is true especially in case the Smartphone hail from the one and only HTC series. HTC, since it’s release in 2013; has impressed its users by introducing the distinctive model. With its every new release the excitement among the users rises. Some speculate about its features and some explore the virtual domain to know about its possible specifications.

We can see the same eagerness in you at the release of HTC One M10, well, mainly because it has brought you here. The information provided by us through this page is always dependable and trustworthy. We always try to ascertain the truth behind rumours and speculations by consulting the reliable people. As per the news it would be released in either February or March of 2016. So, perhaps you wouldn’t have to wait too long to experience its thrilling features. But it might have a new name HTC Two. You might be thinking that why a new name is suggested for it. It is simply because the HTC don’t want it to be compared this incredible with the HTC One M9, which couldn’t attain the desired success. Cher Wang, Chairwoman HTC has taken apologies from its customers for not being able to meet their desires through HTC One M9. She said that all the grievances of the customers would vanish on receiving a super model HTC One M10; rest would be known with the time.

The likely price of this amazing handset can be somewhere close to 610 pound. Don’t get surprised to know its price before its release as it is never possible. We have only speculated about the prices by studying the prices of the previous models, HTC One M8 at 550 pound and HTC One M9 at 579 pound. So we expect only a little rise in the prices if it is the flagship model of the HTC, else the price might go up. Snapdragon 820 is expected in HTC One M10, as defective Snapdragon 810 spelled a curse on HTC One M9. It can possibly have outstanding battery of 3500mAh.

A stunning appearance in its aluminum is also likely in HTC One M10. It can also have a waterproof body. You would perhaps get an opportunity to pick the internal storage from 128 and 64GB along with 4GB RAM. Some of the issues with its microSD slot were resolved in HTC One M9, as it was bended towards back. Along with those changes it may have on-board storage. A superb camera is also expected in this model (5Mp front and 27 Mp back). A report coming straight from China is suggesting that it would have amazing QHD along with 6in screen and 2560×1440 displays. It would possibly beat all the contemporary models such as Samsung and LG due to this, rest would be known with time.

We hope through our article you were able to get acquainted with the likely features of HTC One M10. For knowing more about this distinguishing model, keep visiting.

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