Did You Know of These Unusual Festivals of India?

India is home to a multihued society that goes from the indigenous tribes in India to Hindu mythology. What’s more, it is a beguiling world with weird customs, traditions and festivals. It is something that perplexes understanding and can’t be disclosed to the world, yet goes about as an attractive power pulling in voyagers from various corners of the world who try to trench the social stupor of India. So hop on, and get set to take the ride of a lifetime through some unusual, baffling festivals that are celebrated in India.

You might just find yourself gaping in awe at the oddities of these festivals celebrated in India, but can’t help it, as they say “It happens only in India!”

1. Jaisalmer Desert Festival

The colossal Jaisalmer Desert Festival is a brilliant chance to encounter the sandstone city of Jaisalmer and its delightful attractions that take almost every tourist for mind boggling journey. For three days in late January/early February, you can appreciate a large group of irregular and wacky exercises, for example, a parade of camels and fancily dressed local people, polo matches and camel races, turban tying competitions, and even a competition for the finest facial hair! Woah! During this time, there is a lot demand for the New Delhi to Jaisalmer flightsand even overseas flights, since travellers from near and far ardently seek to encounter this colorful affair.

2. Matho Nagrang Festival

Viewed as the Tibetan New Year, the celebration is commended in March, when a large number of guests go to the cloister. While the covered friars and their emotional exemplifications are an incredible hit with guests, the celebration’s principal attractions are the two prophets and their inconceivable fetes. These prophets are really friars, known as Rongstan. Upon the arrival of the celebration they enter the yard and go into a condition of daze, said to be conveyed on because of their possession by prophets. Amid this time they might move up the religious edifice blindfolded or cut themselves with blades. They even forecast future and answer questions if anyone puts across them.

3. Jallikattu

Jallikattu is a great bull-battle, held in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is fundamentally the same to its Spanish partner. This amusement, now made illicit, is somewhat grim as it includes men battling with savage, completely charged bulls. Fiercest of bulls are chosen for this fight and this festival is held in the harvest time celebrations of Pongal. The thought behind performing this game in old times was to test the physical quality of men.

4. The Thaipusam Festival

Seeing the Thaipusam festivities is horrible no doubt. Participants put themselves through deplorable agony to look for the favors of their Gods, for which they get their body parts pierced. It is to a great extent celebrated in Southern India and even different countries like Thailand, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

5. Agni Kheli

Agni Kheli implies playing with fire, and this festival is celebrated in Mangalore. Here, in an unadulterated demonstration of daredevilry, men wearing loincloth toss wads of flame at one another. This is a to a great degree risky game and is lethal to men partaking in it.

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