Boost Your Body Building…!!

Body building isn’t just a hobby; it’s a necessity, profession and passion for many people out there. If you want to gain muscles at a quicker rate, spending hours together in the gym alone can’t help you out. It’s time to introduce supplements into your diet. Check out more about body building supplement here under… 


Multi vitamin: Unfortunately, this term sounds ‘unimportant’ to most of us. It is to be remembered that multi vitamin supplements boost up thousands of processes that take place in our body.

Protein: Undoubtedly, proteins are the highly recommended supplements to aid your muscle growth. There are different types of protein supplements available in the market. Choose the one that best fits your requirements. The recommended timings to these supplements are before, during and after the physical workout.

Caffeine: It is one such supplement which you can’t miss out before starting your workout. It is estimated that one needs at least 200 grams of caffeine every day. Remember that a coffee alone can’t fetch you the required amount of this supplement.

Glutamine: When you are hitting the gym, your requirement of glutamine is always going to be high. After hours of physical strain in the gym, there are good chances that your muscle mass can get depleted..! It may not sound good for most of us. We don’t want you to lose your muscles which you gained by intense workouts. The intake of the glutamine supplements can aid your body mass in this context.

Creatine: This supplement can decrease your recovery time and help you to gain lean mass quickly. It yields better results when you use it before and after workouts. It has a bad reputation that it results in side effects. However, it’s been medically proved that creatine is absolutely safe to use.

A Few Tips:

Here are a few tips which can help you out to bring out the best results from your supplements.
  • Know what supplements you have to use. Meet your trainer and ask him to give you a personal feedback regarding their intake.
  • Calculate the required amount of supplements. The requirements vary with each person in this context, which are largely dependent on the dietary habits.
  • Make sure to have the supplements at the perfect time. The recommended timings are in the early morning; before, after and during the physical work out and right before you go to bed. 

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