Best House Movers of 2019

A house moving means picking up a house from its foundation and setting it in another place. It can be miles away sometimes.

This may also happen when the owners want to build a new house at the place of the old one. If the owner chooses to move the house, it saves him from demolition cost.

In other scenarios, you are looking for a new house. You find one and the price also suits your budget. It’s packed with all the facilities needed for your family.

Here’s the catch! You need to move it. Now there are many companies who offer to move. These State to State Movers takes your houses any place you want.

Moving from one place to another can cause one hell of a trouble. Sometimes there are promotions in your job.

Or you find a certain place suitable for your family. No matter what and where you tend to move, you will need some help.

There are a whole lot of professional companies that offer such professional help. Also, there are many factors that affect the move from a place to another.

What to look for in House Movers

Here Are Some Tips That You Should Keep in Mind While Looking for House Movers:

  • A DOT number is an important aspect while choosing a company. All movers need a DOT number to haul between states. Make sure the company you choose have a valid DOT number in the state and it’s verified.
  • If you are to move out of a state, the company might ask for a deposit. There might occur a mishap or any disaster while on move. So in such cases, the company asks for some amount
  • Make sure to have a mover that has experience. Every mover has its own area or state and is well aware of that. Moving inter or intrastate needs special skills. Be sure to choose mover according to that.
  • Visit the office of your movers and complete all necessary paperwork and process. Beware of companies that claim mobile operations. Always visit the actual offices.
  • Make sure the company have some insurance. If in some case the workers might get injured or some other mishap may happen. For all such scenarios, you need to be sure there lies insurance.
  • Any company with a good reputation will take a log of the belongings. It will estimate the weight and bulk of your inventory. The estimator ought to be exhaustive. It checks the majority of your stockpiling spots. For example, pantries, drawers, carports, and bookshelves. The amount or price depends on your inventory. The whole weight and space your goods will take also affect the cost. Make sure to have an accurate estimation of the amount.

Best House Movers

Here are some of the best movers. Also why these are among the top rated ones.

International Van Lines Moving Company

This company provides long distance as well as international moving. The moving quotes are free. They also have their personal account manager. It is a top rated company on the web today. Yet they don’t provide auto transport services.

Purple Heart Moving Group

Another top rated company on the web. This is a 5 star rated company. It covers long distance, commercial or residential moving.

Also, they offer storage and packing. Even the prices are competitive. But there are no auto transport services.


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