Becoming A Leading Commercial Electrician

Electrical works requires maintenance and repairing in commercial sectors, so the importance of commercial electrician has increased.  More and more hardworking youngsters are thinking about taking up a commercial electrician career. After all, there is promising job growth and handsome enumerations in this field. So, if you take a keen interest in technology, well then becoming a commercial electrician can be a perfect choice for you.

Who is a commercial electrician?

A commercial electrician is the one who works on business-related power systems such as office buildings, retail stores, and similar facilities. He works exclusively in industrial, residential, and commercial power areas. The electricians are also hired on salary basis for regular maintenance and repairing of the electrical works.There is a growing demand for professional commercial electricians because of rapid economic growth and constantly changing technology. So, what is a commercial electrician expected to do, and what are his responsibilities?

Job responsibilities of a commercial electrician

A top commercial electrician is responsible for the maintenance of the wiring, electrical devices, and control systems in commercial areas and buildings. They also supervise and train other apprentices and junior electricians on the field. However, these electricians use special commercial electrician tools and need to follow the building codes and safety rules.  They carry special testing equipment to diagnose the possible defects and issues and carry power tools like wire cutters, saws, screwdrivers, and ladders to work with. It is essential for them to examine and study all the blueprints and technical documents before they begin work on any project.

Here are some job-based requirements that are expected from a commercial electrician:

  • Able to see and discern electrical wiring colours and work with them.
  • Be fit enough to work for long hours, climb ladders, and stand in uncomfortable positions for a long time.
  • Know the difference between single and 3-phase power systems.
  • Carry the technical aptitude to work with commercial wiring systems
  • Have a strong understanding of local and national codes regarding electrical wiring systems
  • Understand the different tools and equipment used in the field and know how to work with them

How to become a commercial electrician?

The commercial electrician should complete his diploma or degree courses.. Apart from the extensive education, they need to complete apprenticeships and earn an associate degree. Before they can work as commercial electricians, they must get the certification and licensure to work in a certain state. In order to get those, one completes either a focused apprenticeship or an associate’s degree program with core education. Before one can pursue education and training, it is essential to have a high school diploma. As the electricians are expected to make load calculations for circuits, it is advantageous for them to take math and algebra classes. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, there is a projected growth of 10% for all electricians.

The work environment for a commercial electrician

Some of the commercial electricians prefer to work in a single location while others do not mind working in various worksites. However, the majority of them work for electrical contractors and wiring installation contractors while a small percentage is employed with manufacturers and governments. Many of the commercial electricians are self-employed too.  Keep in mind that the job of a commercial electrician can be tough and demanding. The work area is often outside and sometimes in extreme weather conditions and in cramped spaces. Electricians need to wear safety and protective gear to stay protected from any risk of falls, shocks, and burns. During an emergency, they are expected to work for longer hours and need to work within tight construction schedules at nights and weekends.

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