5 Exotic Fruits worth Tasting

Fruits are indispensable in your regular diet. We all know that it is a must, everyday. Like, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Common fruits are easily available and they are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But what about the exotic fruits that are no less than any luxury item. How do they taste? Where do we get them? If one adds exotic fruit to fruit baskets, it adds more attraction to it. These fruits may be rare, but they are equally beneficial. You need to taste it to know the goodness of it.

 It looks like a ping pong ball and is reddish in colour. Mostly available in Malaysia, this fruit is also grown in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Sri Lanka. The white flesh inside the fruit is very sweet and juicy. Rambutan is a common fruit which can be used in cream salads and also in some luxurious cocktails.

 It is a South East Asian delicacy. The entire skin of the fruit is covered with spikes and needs to be broken to reach the middle of the fruit where it is fleshy. This fruit is mainly used in flavoured Malaysian candies, soups and ice creams. This is an expensive fruit and is not easily available. It is a true luxury item.

African Cucumber
The other common names of this fruit are horned melon, jelly melon or hedged gourd. African Cucumber is a vibrant fruit and is yellow inside and bright orange outside. This fruit is mainly cultivated in Kalahari Desert, which covers Central South Africa and Eastern parts of Namibia. It has a taste of mixed fruits like banana, lemon and cucumber. A perfect smoothie material, which is rich in antioxidants!

This fruit originates in West Africa and is a common fruit consumed in Jamaica and the Caribbean’s. It has a rich thick skin and inside there is a creamy sweet flesh. This fruit can also be cooked. Sometimes the flesh is fried lightly with butter and served with codfish and soups.

Budhha’s Hand
It is a citrus fruit, which is rich in Vitamin C and thus cures a lot of diseases in a human body. This common fruit of North East India looks like a giant squid. It is a seasonal winter fruit but can be found throughout the year now. This is not a very juicy fruit but the fragrance is out of this world. It is mainly used to make jams and tartars. In Japan, it is considered to be a good luck charm and a totem of New Year.

Apple, Banana, Orange, Pear—everything is tried more often. We are used to these fruits and these are common in our everyday diet system. But once in a while one needs to taste the difference. In fact, if someone is travelling to different places, they must try out the fruits available there apart from the delicacies that are served in those regions. These exotic fruits can be a treat to your taste buds.

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