5 Different Ways You Could Know About Your Neighbourhood without Being There

When you are in the market for a new place to live then it generally helps you remember the golden rule of a real estate industry. You are not buying or renting out any property but are becoming a part of the neighbourhood. All neighbourhoods are not created equally nor there any such thing for a good neighbourhood. Each and every one of us would here have different needs and requirements. Given below are the five different ways you could know about your neighbourhood without being there.

#1. Checking Out a Newspaper or Neighbourhood Blog:

Sometimes neighbourhoods do have a newspaper of their own. And if there is any one being published for the neighbourhood that you have been considering then do check out for stories related to it. Pay attention to the police blotter that generally states the crime being listed in the specific area. Also some of them would have blogs being written where the locals would continue to ask for some tips and advices or port issues or concerns that have been affecting the neighbourhood. A google search app would here help you find out whether there is a blog for the neighbourhood you have been considering.

#2. Nightlife and Entertainment:

Websites like Yelp would here help you discover the local restaurants, and that Moviefone would here let you know what other things are happening close to you. This is one major thing that makes your neighbourhood come alive. This has been a priority for the one who has been young and single but has been a priority where the hotspots are walking within the distance or a short cab ride away.

#3. Google The Street Address:

When you google the home street address you would here be amazed at what other things you find. You might for instance, discover a new nearby home based business with employees reducing the street parking spaces. Using google street view where photos could be months if not alone, you might then discover that the ground floor bedroom window once had the bars on it.

#4. Getting an App:

Some smart phone apps such as the crime reports for the iPhone provide information about the crime that has been happening in your location or address. And among the problems being displayed on the map are noise nuisances, sex offenders and the last but not the least vehicle break – INS. The crime report apps would here give you some of the specifications as to when and where the incidents seem to have occurred. Zillow real estate apps would here allow you to see the estimates of properties on the block. They would here allow you to search on the recent sales or rentals, or a good indication of whether your neighbourhood is renter or home owner.

#5. Being A Sleuth Before the Sale:

The internet has been one amazing thing when it comes to information. Too often though the potential buyers do not find it useful enough in order to find out everything that they could before entering into a contract on a home. So as soon as you have identified the property you want to buy, then get online and do your homework. You would here be surprised pleasantly or unpleasantly by whatever you learn.

So what do you love about your neighbourhood? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Jain Dias is an experienced marketing executive in real-estate industry and he mainly focused on Luxury Villas in Bangalore. He has been writing articles covering a wide range of topics in terms of mortgage and housing markets. 

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