Reasons Why Brothels Must Be Legalized

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Brothels or prostitution is a serious issue and most of the people don’t show interest in talking about them. A lot of debates happened and are happening to date because of this issue. The main point of most of the debates is to legalize the licensed and discrete brothels. The situations of these brothels in western countries like America are better compared to that in Asia and African people. The people in these continents consider brothels as a sin and prohibit the pimping and prostitution in their countries. The main reasons for not legalizing the brothels are human trafficking, HIV/AIDS transmission, sexual violence.


Here are Some of the Reasons for Legalizing the Brothels in Many Western and Even Non-Western Nations:

#1. Human Trafficking 

  • Many people are sacrificed because of this flesh trade. Women from all over the world are sent from one place to another place in the name of prostitution. This is one of the most burning social evils which lead to major degradation in the social and economic condition of women.
  • Many people told that legalizing the prostitution will increase the human trafficking but the scenario is different in real. Germany is a country where the brothels are legalized and the human trafficking in Germany reduced by 10% in ten years.
  • May be the change isn’t very quick but reducing one percent every year is also an achievement only. The relation between the sex workers and legal bodies become close as the prostitution is legalized. This helps the legal bodies to uncover the secrets of human trafficking and may be even telling them about any abusive pimps or clients and get them punished.

#2. The health of the Sex Worker 

This is another important aspect that must be considered. In the places where licensed and discrete brothels are illegal, the sex workers don’t get access to the medical care. In some situations, the pimps or clients put pressure on them and prohibit them from using any protection. If the government make prostitution legal, the social service activists and doctors will provide them with sufficient health care and create awareness among them regarding the STDs.

In a study, it has been proved that the prevailing of STDs among sex workers were decreased around 33-46 percent in the countries where prostitution is made legal and the government is taking enough precautions in preventing the STDs.


#3. Protection of Minors

Minors always fall victim to licensed and discrete brothels and most of the pimps trap the minors and use them for illegal prostitution. Child prostitution is considered a global problem which is faced by both underdeveloped and developed countries. A study says that nearly 10 million children are victimized in prostitution. As sexual exploitation is illegal the pimps charge as much as the money they want for the children. Once the brothels are considered legalized and the government can take enough precautions by creating various laws to protect the children from prostitution.

#4. Employment Rights for the Sex Workers

Sex workers are treated as slaves and the pimps are the one who reaps the benefits of their hard work. The sex workers go through a lot of things and at the end, they are not even given the benefits of the work that they have done. With the legalization of licensed and discrete brothels, the sex workers will at least get a minimum pay rule which is very important for them. The safety rights paid vacation and many more other benefits are also given to the sex workers.

Licensed and discrete brothels are increasing in the world day by day and it is not possible to eradicate them. But legalizing the brothels will surely bring a change in the society.

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