Fun & Unconventional Things to do in Melbourne

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Travelling without a plan can turn a once in a lifetime experience into a disaster. So, if you want to make the most of the time you have at your destination, do your homework and prepare a travel plan. If you’re visiting Australia for fun, you’re in for a treat because there are so many things to see and do.  We’ll go through some of the unconventional but equally enjoyable things to do in Melbourne, so you’ll want to come back.

Explore Victoria’s highest waterfalls

If chasing waterfalls sounds like an exciting event, then Melbourne is the place to be. Sheoak Falls, Wombelano Falls, Trentham Falls, Triplet Falls, and Steavenson Falls are all between one and two hours away from Melbourne. You can get your hippie mode on, hug some trees while you’re surrounded by great nature, have a picnic and relax.

Watch the sunset from Royal Botanic Gardens

Visiting one of the world’s renowned botanic gardens is a must while you’re spending time in Melbourne. There’s even a free tour you can hop on to learn about the Royal Botanic Garden and its variety of  50,000 plants. This huge garden oasis spreads across 38 hectares and it’s a stunning location for the entire family. You can even watch a sunset from the botanic gardens and take amazing photos for your Instagram profile.

Hop on a hidden bar tour

If your idea of fun is walking around and having a few cocktails along the way, there’s a variety of places you can visit in Melbourne. But, what can make your usual cocktail night even more exciting is visiting hidden bars and cocktail venues. Melbourne is known for its so-called hidden bars, places that were running illegally during the 19th century. Even though serving alcohol is no longer illegal at these bars, having a chance to experience Melbourne’s history this way is fun with capital F.

Get spooked by ghost tours

What can be more unconventional than a ghost tour? Even if you’re one of those people who can watch a horror movie before going to sleep, a ghost tour can send chills down your spine. You can go on the Old Melbourne Gaol ghost tour and learn about what happened there until the prison was closed in 1929. Other ghost tours will take you through the different haunted locations, hidden alleyways and dark history of the town.

…or explore Melbourne’s nighttime delights

Experiencing a new city by day is an adventure because there is so much to do. But, exploring a city when the sun goes down, has its perks because the city truly becomes alive. You can explore night markets, go on bar crawls, explore Melbourne’s club scene or visit a Melbourne brothel. If your goal is to have fun and experience new things, Melbourne is a perfect destination for you.

Watch the penguins at St.Kilda

The penguins at Saint Kilda are famous for their so-called penguin parade. After these lovely creatures spend their entire day fishing, they return to their sanctuary at sunset. Seeing a line of penguins parade to their home is worth your trip to Phillip Island.  Not only that, but you’ll also get a chance to explore the island beforehand and watch the sunset over St.Kilda.

Don’t miss out on the Melbourne star

You can’t leave Melbourne without trying the most touristy attraction of all tourist hot spots – The Melbourn Star. It’s an amazing way to observe the city’s magnific sights during a thirty-minute ride. You can ride it by day or night, depending on your preferences. It’ll be equally fun and exciting to climb 120 metres above the city and enjoy the view.

Lastly, if the idea of leaving Australia without encountering koalas or kangaroos saddens you, pay a visit to the koala and kangaroo sanctuary. You can even get a chance to pet one of these amazing animals and also encounter other species.

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